Friday, May 13, 2011

Scandinavia : a rebirth

Cloud9 Bergen FS9/FSX. Launched in... 2007.

FSX. Stavanger, Bornholm... At last, five years after FSX launch, scandinavian countries will have a decent treatment. The sooner will be the better. Some landscapes there are marvelous. Updated 05/14 with new Stavanger picture.

A wonderful region with fjords, lakes, mountains, rivers, and... airports.

Who knows why, designers were not really attracted by these scandinavian countries at the begining. I mean in 2006 while FSX was launched. Cloud 9 (FSDT) was amongs the first sceneries and remains one of the best - technically - despite minor bugs prior to FSX SP1. FSdreamteam today, balks at fixing these bugs (some ground textures are flickering) as everybody is on SP2 today.

Cloud9 Bergen (Norway), FS9/FSX. Here a hangar with multi-layers textures, translucent effect, multi-layers grounds texures etc.. Made in... 2006.

Then came Aerosoft Stockholm Arlanda, Trondheim Vaernes, Oslo etc.
Today, we are waiting for three more projects (maybe more still hidden...)
Aerosoft is cooking a Stavanger airport and a Copenhagen (but this one will be a bit delayed as Scansim  already launched a Copenhagen a few months ago).
The polish team Drzewiecki Design will also launch Bornholm X 2011 in a few weeks.
With some chance, we can expect a Gothenburg (Sweden), a Kristiansand (Norway) or a Sturup (Sweden).

Published Saturday (05/14) by the author, Jo Erlend, two new pictures. This one gives a nice preview.

From Aerosoft's forum.

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