Friday, May 13, 2011

About time and money in the flight sim market

Let's talk about currencies exchange rates and flight sim future, although i do not see a direct link here. In our daily lives, this is unnoticed but the Euro is continuously raising to approximately reach 1,40 US dollar.../.

So if an european editor pays wages in Euros, i assume that he will sell his products in euros. That can explain (to a certain point) why european FS add-ons seem expensive to americans and people living in US dollar zone. That partly explains why some european editors are launching from times to times discount campaigns, especially now that the euro is facing a short drop. The australian dollar, by the way, has becomen a pretty "expensive" money too as this currency is partly indexed to raw materials and asian countries dynamism.
Now about futur. A senior staff of Aerosoft has confirmed - two days ahead of Paderborn 9th conference - that Aerosoft Flight Simulator is not on hold nor on pause. It's on a slow progression mode due to software engine questions. But the german editor has clearly stated two other things : X Plane is a target and they will keep designing and converting products for X Plane 10.
About Microsoft FLIGHT, Aerosoft is still perplexe and think that from what they know, FLIGHT is (today) unlikely to be the proper successor to FSX from "the kind of customers we aim for". Several editors share this point of view today.
And, just to make the good link, Microsoft hasn't published anything new until some screens in mid-march.
Good luck and good night.

(this article is an essay. Feel free to correct me).
Raising euro, a major trend.

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