Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Those who just care about your money

Some news about some designers. Aerofiles has now a wonderful website and a marvelous Facebook page. But all of this tend to sell products again and again. 
Apart Billund, launched last year, their portfolio is always the same : Vagar scenery and textures, commercial discounts, top (AeroFiles) sellers, discounts. But news ? Not really except for some new missions pack for FSX described as "among the best payware missions to date". The homepage itself is just about shop, payment, checkout and loyalty points. And if i take a look at Facebook, its all over again about "use voucher code to get Billund at a 50 % discount". What about the Ottawa airport project ?
OskoshSim (ex MikeMax) is also a strange editor. Not only they didn't reply to my email two months ago but their website is offline for a week. But when it's about your money, they know where you are.

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