Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birmingham Xtreme : Hot test !

Birmingham EGBB is among the oldest airports designed in FS.

FS9 and FSX.  Months after months, UK 2000 (Gary Summons), patiently reworks his english airports collection. Some of them are already at V.3. Birmingham EGBB is now reaching the V.2. and this include up-to-date improvements already seen with Heathrow and Gatwick.

No special difficulty to download the scenery. A special link is provided by UK 2000 (and by the simshop). The file weights 84 mb. Two folders are saved in the library, one for the scenery and one, placed below, for the common UK 2000 files. An AFD file for Ai traffic is also included.

The manual sets these values : 150 fps and more for FS 2004 and 8 fps for FSX WITH maximum AI traffic, addons and autogen. It is peculiar that Gary gives this values without telling what kind of configuration he has.
I tested EGBB Xtreme on my old common Quadcore 2,33 Ghz, 8 Mram, ATI HD5850 and i got 10 fps but mind, that i was on the last iFLY FSX, with My traffic at 60 % and i use 3 screens....

The scenery.
The airport is very detailed, includes new pier, new extensions and the NEC exhibition center plus the cargo and industrial areas. You can even see the shuttles moving from the NEC center to the airport and a amazing car traffics (the cars have been slowed down to give something more realistic).
You can see high definition textures everywhere (very high def. textures on ground), a dozen of static aircrafts (all kind) and some objects like RVR censors. Remember that with UK 2000, you can set up to 7 or 8 parameters prior to installation ; service fleet, polygons, static aircrafts, and hundred of static cars in parkings.

Bristol and Liverpool, the last projects, were very well upgraded and i am not expecting any bad surprise or bugs here. But, this is my only regret, as long as UK 2000 keeps upgrading its airports usual portfolio, we do not have opportunity to discover new ones. I mean, in FSX , we are still waiting for Leeds Bradford airport and some others pearls...

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