Saturday, May 28, 2011

Corse HD : not the 8th wonder of the world

FSX. France VFR, tThe french editor finally launchs a new product, a mesh-photoreal scenery, without autogen and airfields. It's a meticulous work but we still expect Rhone-Alpes Regional scenery and new airports.

Photo Corse HD has been launched to compete with existing french products on Corsica, from France Touristique Scenery (F.T.S.) and Scenery Box. This Photo Corse HD is "just" a photoreal texturing of the island at 0,85-1m/pixel based on a 19 meters mesh, which is not really ambitious considering this remarkable beauty island. I would have liked a 5-10 meters mesh. What's good then ? The price, the framerate and thousand kilometers of hand placed coastlines and waterpolys.

More screenshots on France VFR website :

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