Friday, May 27, 2011

Skysoft Simulation comes to light

FS9 and FSX. Skysoft Simulation is still working on his mega FSX project Beijing, to design the Capital's international airport, ZBAA, the new terminal 3 and all the surroundings, including the exhibition center (picture)../.

The website is still under construction ( and this scenery will probably be available there once it is finished. But now we can have some serious informations about this designer as they just opened their forum, partly in english

The team has been founded in november 2010. They developed plugins to optimize FS9 and FSX and are now working on sceneries. They already delivered two excellent freewares : Luzhou ZULZ and Jiuzhai ZUJZ. These airportss can be downloaded now in their forum.

The exhibition center near Beijing Intl. airport. Incoming scenery for FSX.

FSX Beijing airport project.

The freeware Luzhou Lantian ZULZ :

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