Monday, March 28, 2011

Aerosim B767-300, a year later

FSX. To point out a bad product ? Okay here's one. But i remember that Aerosim is a very talented scenery designer. The Boeing 767-300 was not targeting the hard core market neither. And remember this aircraft has been designed in 2009 and released in early 2010.

Test flight at SLLP La Paz (Latin VFR)

It has been a while since i am watching this aircraft in Aerosim website. Japanese people have really high skilled engineers so a voice told to myself... hmmm that aircraft must be something. Well it's not.

The good  : thanks to efficient programming, the B767-300 is really framerate friendly. I didn't see any significative fps loss. The landing gear retracting animation has a very accurate cinematic with at least 25-30 moving parts at the same time (more than the QW B-757 for instance). The aircraft seems to have a very well flight model conception although speed tends to diminish (on approach) a bit too fast. And i am telling this having comparison elements with the PMDG 747, the Quality wings B-757, the Captain Sim B-767 etc from past experiences. The MCP, the auto-land and flare are working nicely.

Very nice flaps and landing gear animations

But....the bad : its a simplistic flightplan management, using basic FS waypoints (totally out of date). The FMC has the same kind of police charts size problem seen on its B-777 and doesn't have the VNAV key.
About the package itself, the price is way too expensive (44 euros/50 dollars) and there are only two  basic liveries although we can find some private works on some websites.
The aircraft is reliable (a FS9 version had been previously designed) but, at best, it can only make a carreer in Gamespy...under minimum ATC coverage. Why ? You simply can't add a waypoint in legs page. At least, the product would had required a serious upgrade. But it's never too late as a FS aircraft can still have today a 3-4 years spin of life...

The police size bug on the FMC, a "classic".

Nice overhead with some 3D buttons but only 60 % are working,
much less than in the Quality Wings B-757,
much less than in the Captain Sim B-767.

On the MCP, charts sometimes barely visible

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