Sunday, March 20, 2011

iFly to release the FS9 full version next week

Chinese designer of the Boeing 737 NG, iFLY, expects to release a full DVD version in about seven days. This new version will include the last updates plus 50 more fixes for a better management of VNAV ALT logic, a new option to display the SEL/OAT in celsius 4 format.../..

Some fixes :

1. The config tool can set "ATC ID", "ATC Airline" and "UI Variation" for every plane.
2. Add with/without VNAV ALT logic.
3. The SEL/OAT can be set always display in Celsius
4. The pitch limit indication can be display at low speed.
5. Every GPWS altitude callout can be set to play or not.
6. Add GPWS sensitivity option.
7. Add with/without double derate logic. 8. Add realistic DU start process
9. Add airport filter to only display airport with more than specify length of runway.
10. Add VREF Flap and Speed to PFD
11. New option for FS2Crew Voice edition.

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