Saturday, March 19, 2011

A fully simulated racing circuit !

A couple of days ago, totally neglected by news mag and blogs, FTX Full Terrain Orbx updated his Bathurst scenery project. Bathurst will be a typical australian scenery, with the Bathurst airport (YBTH) and... an incredible racing circuit around Mount Panorama.
First screenshots represent large areas of the scenery, people watching the race and animated cars running on the circuit.
Bathurst in south wales region in Australia

The Bathurst Mount Panorama circuit

Bathurst Aero club (still not depicted in previews)
Other screenshots on :


François said...

Maybe the 'news channels' are getting bored by being saturated with Orbucks 'news'? Too much cake makes people look for bread again ;-)

Anonymous said...

If your going to remove comments, you may as well also remove the troll comment by Francois above

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree, I saw those comments and Francois deserved everything he got for trolling

Mason Dominique said...

OKay i will leave your comments. It's your opinion, no problem with that. But as long as your are anonymous... what can you expect, a frank debate ?

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