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Boryspil. Freeware Spotlight!

FS9/FSX. As they typically tend to lack character, depth, and detail, I usually stay away from impressions of freeware products. Unless... Well, unless a developer comes along and not just does a great job. But does a job so well done, so detailed, so passionate, I wonder why it's even free. In this case, we have a developer that was very obviously feeling passionate about Boryspil. Because this passion is very clearly seen in this project and thus, well worth the official: "D'Andre's AirDailyX impression stamp of approval." Whatever the hell that is... Come see what i'm talking about. For those with limited bandwidth: Caution.
So at the moment we only know these guys as InterSkyStudio. There is a website and this appears to be their first project. Otherwise, I was not able to gather any more information about them. What we do know is this person or team is very talented.
Judging by the high payware level of quality here, I would have to assume this is not their very first project. If it is, then this team has hit the ground running. There are just so many things here that was done right.
Other developers please take note. If you want realism in your sceneries and don't have the time or skill to create your own trees, you have 3 options to configure trees in your scenery. You could use this or you can use this or you could do what InterSky did here and very intelligently work with the default autogen trees getting them to appear exactly where and how you want them. I tip my hat of to InterSky in their skill working the autogen. My Samoshins never looked so good!!
Here we have Terminal B and the executive terminal. All very well rendered.
Here, the terminal B windows are transparent. Nice texturing work.
Very nice ground textures and markings. This airport is teaming with AI!
Another shot of terminal B with the Ukraine 737's.
A bit of ground equipment.
Very nice photoreal applied here.
A very nice static A320. The wings have working nav lights at night.
A lot of Eastern European wings lined up.
Now we get a glance of terminal F. Nicely rendered.
From the opposite side we see an empty parking lot.
We get a look at the sole hangar on the airfield.

Off to terminal D. Very good texture and shadow work here.
I really love the roads here. Sad there is no traffic moving about them...

Windows are a big deal in my book and this team rendered them very well. Also note the wall texturing. Nicely done.
Now a lot of hard work and crafting went into this model here. Very lovely! I think the shadows are a bit too dark though.
A view from the other side. I love those curves!
The jetbridge object is well detailed!! Let's hope the jetbridge objects are separate from the terminal object for AES.
The ramp light structures are well done.
Have a closer look at terminal D. Remember this is freeware. This is worth a donation.

Very nice terminal D model.

I love what he did to arrange my trees!! So dense!
Here we get a look at the ramp buses. The team not only modeled so few vehicle objects, but there is no animated traffic anywhere on the ramp or roads here. Bummer.

Here we get a good look at my AI but we also get a look at the ground texture.

You can see just how far the photoscenery extends from the airport.
Here the surrounding buildings were not left out. Nice!
Here you really get what I am talking about when I say this team arranged the default autogen trees so perfectly.
And the custom autogen covering the entire photoscenery area is equally as nice.
A pullback of the autogen.
The newly built fuel area.

And here we have the high res photoscenery of the airport. Can you still believe this is free?
Again we see the tree lines following the roads outside the airport. It's obvious the developers really wanted to capture the environment of the surrounding areas.
Here we have the only animated object I could find. The radar.
A nice pullback shot from the helicopter showing us terminal B and the ramp.
Let's add some snow and see what we get.
Terminal B in winter.
Terminal F in winter.
Terminal D in winter.
Very clean ramp. This terminal just opened couple months ago.
We take the helicopter higher to see a larger view of the airport. It needs cars!!
The photoscenery is a masterpiece and blends in very well with default.
Okay let's dim the lights a bit shall we? It's really nice to see Eastern Europe opening up. This is a perfect stopgap between Austria / Hungary / Poland to Russia.
She comes alive at night!!
Look at those lead in lights!
Nicely lit.
Beautiful. A masterpiece.
I love seeing old military airfields become brand new airports. Reminds me of what is going on in Poland.
Terminal B at night.
And terminal F
The taxiway lighting and objects are perfect!

Yes I did not speak too much here because I wanted my screenshots to do the talking themselves and because it's free the only thing keeping you from looking around it yourself is the fact that I haven't given you the link yet. I really tip my had to InterSky. You guys have done a truly amazing job here. AirDailyX will be following InterSky very closely in the future. We expect the next release to be payware.

Oh and in case you were wondering, very smooth frames!

Now as this is freeware I can't honestly start going into what was done wrong. But I will say in the future, I hope we will see more ramp vehicles, cars in parking lots, and animated traffic.

Here is the link where you all can find it:
And please donate a bit as this is honestly worth something don't you think?

As always thanks for reading! Enjoy the scenery! I am. Oh and you may need to make some afcad adjustments. 

Now go get it!

((-D')) D'Andre 

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Anonymous said...

You got the scenery link from me. ;)

DAndre Newman said...

You are anonymous but i'll happily state the we learned of this project from Flight Simulator News Brief. This is why I did not advertise what the project actually was until my article. If I learn news from another news site, i'll only post it here if I genuinely have sometime much more tangible and constructive to say about it. This review is a classic example. Next time I'll give FSNB a direct shout out! That's fair!


Tom said...

Just for the record, Anonymous above was not me. Keep up the good work!

DAndre Newman said...

And you too! ;)

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