Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is Overland giving up?

Today Overland posted a very interesting statement on their facebook page that seems to suggest they are no longer producing FS products. At least that is what I surmised from the statement. Have a look, what do you make of this? Is this just a delay announcement perhaps?
Any Japanese translators can help us?

  • 皆様にお待たせしております新シーナリープロダクトにつきましてですが、検討を重ねました結果、更なる延期の可能性をお伝えしておかねばならないと判断いたしました。


  • 皆様 に お 待た せ し て おり ます 新 シーナリー プロダクト に つき まし てHowever, the results were repeated studies, to mention the possibility of a further postponementWe have determined must be placed. Present level, is a new product, it has a shape,試遊at FS events
    Stage that the development is the result of feedback I received. ToothHowever, reading the scenery such as speed, degree of perfection in the total developmentWe repeat every day to improve to the satisfaction of the members does not work. Originally scheduled for release this summer and to face book page after looking at the margin
    It was announced I was going to Te inner ring, once at the moment, the destination is not visibleThe reason is that it will have become is honest. Quality of the original, but we have nearly 9 years already elapsed from the company founded
    I think the priority is unchanged, increasing only that FS is it to omit the contentEarly release at our desire is not there, including development staffDoes.
    Apart from that has happened to everyone from the user's yuan itself is also FS , but does not have, and make it your own risk this time is the loss of business opportunity. Have to wait...To everyone that I apologize, but very simply, to trouble you, to work nowI think if it is possible that we respect and understand the selfishness of our company. Consider the reaction of customers at the time of the release of this work, the next time that further
    I would like to determine the (? Emphasis on speed development) policy from the work I am sorry Kasanegasane. Now work out into the world so sure, future

    Sincerely, with our FS products.
    See More
    Everyone we waiting result regarding the new シーナリープロダクト offers a series of dialogues, further delay could tell you have judged necessary to. There is new products, present extent, shape, FS event assay Yu feedback the results received to the development stage.
    Perfection in the total speed of loading scenery etc did to the satisfaction of the members of the development but we repeatedly improved day by day.
    Was going to announced an inner ring in the face book page and will be released this summer initially saw the margin on is's that has disappeared which once, at the moment but honestly.
    Already nearly 9 years we are over than the company quality priority initial thoughts are unchanged, you and want our development staff including early releases omit the content に限りまして FS is. From away up users from the FS itself is also the original rehearsal, no loss of business opportunities is this time on the resolution.
    We apologize to everyone who can't wait very, inconvenience, I now appreciate understanding and made regarding our selfishness. Considering the reactions of customers at the now released by the further next time from work policy (development speed? ) I want to judge a series sorry. So now cropping gives to the world always, we would like to thank you future FS products. (Translated by Bing


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Michael Basler said...

Given that i) Japan is one of the industrial leaders of the World, ii) is a really scenic country, and iii) is said to host a huge number of computer gamers, it's for long been a miracle to me, why there are so few commercial FSX products for Japan available. We have three commercial renditions of Zuerich airport, but to my knowledge Aerosim is the only maker commercially providing 3 (three)Japanese Airports (with slow progress and highly overpriced, at least for European simmers). I don't know of any commercial rendition neither of Narita nor Haneda. To my knowledge, there is no commercial area scenery available (except SceneryTech Asia, which I wouldn't count).

Anonymous said...

@Michael Basler

I think most of them are misconceptions.
1) There are very few PC gamers in Japan, and the market is dominated by gaming consoles and handheld devices such as the DS.
2) The average Japanese gamer has a very poor grasp of English. Trying to master a Boeing 747 for them is as difficult as us English speakers trying to master a Russian Tupolev 154.
3) Japan is a railroad country and most people only travel by train so it's difficult for the Japanese to relate themselves with aviation. Real world private flying is practically non-existent.
4) I would say the majority of the payware market are from either the USA or Germany. (For some reason the Germans seem to dig this PC "simulation" stuff) Unfortunately most of these people are not interested in flying to Japan.

Michael Basler said...

Thanks, for the comments, which shed some light on the situation. I've never been in Japan, thus I suppose you are right. Still an unfortunate situation, though.

Anonymous said...

don't worry, just a delay announcement

DAndre Newman said...

I deleted the latest comment on accident. Please resend.

DAndre Newman said...

Ok whew!! I was hoping that.

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