Monday, June 25, 2012

Airbus X Extended : warmth beta shots

FSX. Posted on Aerosoft forum today, a dozen of external views taken by a beta tester.

Much more shots :


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this one VX is approaching, Farewell Wilco and hello new Sharklets!

Anonymous said...

This is THE Airbus, nothing else comes anywhere near the level of this, and I'm only talking about the AirbusX mk1

Am so sick of all that Feelthere, Wilco, CLS, Acubus, Simcheck crud that is presented time after time, its 2012 we want really GOOD VCs!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait wait, don't be enthusiastic like that. Of course it seems very nice but it's only the external model, nothing more.

Like all the simmers know, Airbus is very very special to simulate on FS so, wait for the instruments :D

Anonymous said...

While True about the cockpit, sometimes I would rather fly default Airbus Cockpit over Wilco I hate the reflections it gives , I just will miss my fs2crew.

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