Friday, June 22, 2012

We won't test Mayotte airport

France Touristique Scenery has released a very nice Mayotte islands a few months ago. The next logical step was to make the airport of Dzaoudzi Pamandzi FMCZ. But Airdailyx will not test this product...
This is a recurring problem with a lot of small french designers*, they are not sending any previews of their work. Why ? Here is my opinion : they are not good professionnals. In this market, 90 % of designers are sending 1, 2 or more previews and beta stage informations. See Coolsky, a single developer on a very hard segment (aircrafts), who is posting several articles on his work.

Those who know me well have already read this from me (sorry !) but this is not negotiable. We, as legitimate consumers, have the right to be informed.

The risk for us ? Buying a product that doesn't reach quality standards.
It's up to us.
Dom Mason

* LLH Creations (Annecy, Courchevel..) has not post a single shot from its incoming Helipads project.


Anonymous said...

Man you're so right ! Im living in FRance and people tend to be very arrogant. They think their country is the best place to live, they do everything better than others etc etc...... This statement might have been true at the Time President charles De Gaulles used to be the president after the second world war. France was a glorious and shinning country. However that era is OVER! Would you buy a Renault or a Audi ? A Citroen or a Mercedes? I know what i'd do.
The truth is German are ahead of the GAME! Look Aerosoft....+ others leading companies like Latin VFR, FSDT, etc....

dden said...

The problem is not to be pro or anti Français... The problem is on the capacity to communicate on the projects and what is the strategie to do it.
I don't think like you: The products are often very good. I think theyare good professionals but bad sellers.

A Frenchy !

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