Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What? Huh? I'll explain...

Who know's what the hell is going on at Overland these days. They say their RJTT will be released this summer so we'll just have to wait and see. Oh, but what the heck is this?
Well besides the countless sudoku updates everyday, Overland also keeps showing pictures of this TDF game. As they continue to show more screenshots, the more I get interested. So why am I showing interest you may ask? Because when I am not at my desk armchair piloting a Boeing777, I'm out along with my cycling team Velo Allegero. As cycling is another hobby for me and I love the tour, this game just might be interesting.

My wife is getting into the sport as well with her Fuji Roubaix. It's brand new so no cleats, computer, or proper pedals yet.
And I ride a Synapse, similar to the ones used by Team Cannondale Liquigas.
Sadly my second favorite rider Andy Schleck will not be in the tour this year and i'm so pissed!! But i'll be rooting for Cavendish!! The tour starts June 30th!!

Okay back to flight sim stuff!! I am way off track here!!!


((-D')) D'Andre 

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