Thursday, June 28, 2012

First full body FSX shot. And what?

FSX. QualityWings has finally presented a first full external body shot and VC of the QW Avro in FSX. But they also had something to say about this...
Quote from the QW Forum:

"While we received very good initial feedback from all FS9 users,
I think it's time to give you FSX guys a small update on where we are in regards to the FSX Version.

To put it short, we're making some very good progress with it.
We began beta testing the RJ100 two weeks ago and are tweaking all areas since then.

So why does an FSX version need so long to be released after FS9?
We could have just made an FS9 portover which works in FSX but we decided to do it
properly and make use of all the possibilities FSX offers.
That includes QWHDT (QualityWings High Definition Textures), Bump maps, Specular maps,
custom environment maps (reflections), custom landing lights and sound cones.

I'm sure you'll understand why we take the time when I show you the following screenshots
(directly out of FSX, no editing except resizing and logos):

Notice the nice bump mapping around the cargo compartment:"

They had more to show and say in their forum here:


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