Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AMS Cancun X : hot test

FSX (FS9 already released too). In the top five of largest mexican airports, Cancun, in the Yucatan peninsula, is a great stop, especially with all the airports already done around : within a radius of less than 500 nautical miles from Cancun MMUN, you can find Merida, Guatemala City, Tegucigalpa, Cayman islands, Key West and now LVF Cozumel. I must confess here, that AMS has done a great job. 


Version tested : FSX V.1.0
File : 94 MB
Installation : automatic.
Manual : 18 pages (english) + several charts.
Framerate : very friendly (25 and more on I7 3,44 Ghz).
A FS9 version has been released several months ago.

The bad :

* A few little flickering effects on a few static objects like fences.

* Some ground textures could have desserved better resolution (public area between the runways, motorway borders etc.)

The good :

* The work on all the textures : runway, taxiways, buildings and photoreals.

* The interest of the airport. central position for many flights toward North and Central Americas, Caribbean. ( I want to thank here the three other editors dedicated to these regions : Latin VFR, Taxi2gate and Tropical Sim).
* Large surroundings : City of Cancun, resorts.

Next destination ? Cozumel !

This building for instance, is designed with fine and high quality textures.

Here, on this service area, the ground textures could have been better. But this isn't an important point of interest in the airport, on my opinion.

Many animated services cars and trolleys around aprons.

Same here. Not easy to find the appropriate texture on a rather blank aspect building. But the textures are quite effective.

Ah, another example. The alignment of resorts hotels along the beach is great but the animated cars are not really desserved by the ground texture.

These coaches are lovely with their colorful local displays.

That's probably the main problem of this scenery. Fences are flickering. So, of course, you can adjust your graphic card parameters. But mines were quite high...

One of the very good point of Cancun X, the large number and quality of photoreal textures in front terminals and shops.


Another example here.

All the night lights are very effective, here at dusk.

Approaching the bridge, the taxiway is sloped.

Thanks !

(Dom Mason)

Copyright Airdailyx June 2012


Anonymous said...

whoa, it is just like the real one :O even the buses and vans and all :O

but im disappointed with the phototextures, way too low quality :(

Unknown said...

This product is no longer being sold by SimMarket.
I have issues with the VERY POOR framerates and the author does not respond.
SimMarket currently are sticking to their guns about a refund i.e. NO even though they choose not to sell it any more and do not explain why to their customers.

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