Friday, March 29, 2013

A hint of Budapest from LHSim!

FS9/FSX/XPL. Here is just a little hint of the custom autogen that will surround LHPB. More than ten thousand objects including buildings, trees, lights, vehicles etc. have already been placed. Want to see a bit of the bigger picture? The Aerosoft LHBP can't throw a stone to this! And I loved that scenery!

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Anonymous said...

I started with their freeware scenery, which is great. The airports were well done and the landmarks added a lot.I have purchased their first payware scenery(LHPR)and now am looking forward to Budapest (LHBP). I recommend to all who do not have the scenery, try the free
FS9 and FSX scenery (which has a free AI package). I usually fly this side of the world, but this has definitely opened up my
options. Go for it you have nothing to lose.

Unknown said...

Looks good as always. If they make the airport business entral in the top right corner with tesco and other buildings, it will be one of the best sceneries of the year!

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