Friday, March 29, 2013

The latest info from SibWings!

FSX/P3D. My 2013 list of prop driven aircraft is the longest ever in my personal history of flight simulation. I am really starting to enjoy the growing FTX regions in P3D and as such, it's more fun to fly a lot lower and slower and keep the high flying to FS9. Needless to say, the upcoming AN-2 Colt from SibWings is among my top 3 on my list! Here is the latest info on it.

Note from SibWings on the AN-2:

"Guys..and several girls ;) We know you are waiting news from us, speciously about Colt's cockpit. Let me to torment you bit more and describe it a bit without pictures. So:

It contains around 131 000 polys (BirdDog's has 76 500).
Textured with twice more pixels (comparing with BD again) Inspite of this FPS are very good enought.
All gauges done with 3D parts.
Shadows from needles are animat...ed separately, not just link into, so you got nice feeling of volume.
Most knobs has shadow which is moving with it.
Panel surface contains bump-map.
Gauge glass has reflection and fingertips which are visible just on specific sun angle.
Nights light - of course!
Most moving parts are sounding when moves.
If you use DX10 you'll have dynamic shadows inside the cockpit, so unusial for FSX :)
...Probably miss something, I'll be glad to answer any your question about interior, until to show it later this week."

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Anonymous said...

More interesting for me as an "Flight Simulation" user:
What about the system depth quality? How are the systems programmed? External of FSX? Can you compare it with any product still on market?

-Katana 4X?
-A2A accusim technology which gives the most individual parameters at the moment.

Thanks for giving informations.


Anonymous said...

Before buying this product why not have a look at the forum support pages and see how customers problems are ignored (especially the Birddog). The Russian devs don't seem to appreciate how important this is to buyers. The product looks very good, but so does Captain Sim work

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment.

So nothing seems to change since years, for simulation we have:

-Digital Aviation
-Marcel Felde
-A2A accusim

Everything as usual.

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