Thursday, March 28, 2013

ImagineSim Charlotte Douglas!

FS9/FSX. Our friends as ImagineSim are very busy cramming away at KCLT. So far the work is looking very good! We are looking at a release date for FS9 within a couple weeks with the FSX version to follow next month. Personally, I am glad to see so many new developments making their way into FS9! The team is also working on new development methods in a serious effort to improve overall quality. What to know more about ImagineSim? Read our interview here on ADX then check out the preview!

More info here on the ImagineSim home page:

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Anonymous said...

Certainly a keepsake for FS9, but it appears they are still using those shimmery textures. I hurt myself with the previous KDEN (FSX), however ATL (FSX) was much better; may only consider the FS9 version when released. I'm hoping they can embrace the texturing styles of the other premium and ascending developers.

Anonymous said...

Title is wrong guys... it ImagineSim... not InagineSim ;)

DAndre Newman said...

Fixed! Thanks!

DAndre Newman said...

This is expected to be even better than ATL. I can also see the new jetbridge objects in there also.

Anonymous said...

The solution to their shimmering textures is for them to simply add mipmaps to them. Minimal effort for much better quality.

Anonymous said...

Now where is the US Airways 'Panthers' aircraft!?!

Mason Dominique said...

A must have to me. Ideal airport for connections between north-eastern airports and Florida.
Much progress on this terminal.
Thanks Cal.

Anonymous said...

No problem ;)
Grtz. Jonah

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