Thursday, March 28, 2013

Orbx FTX Global - First Video!

FSX/P3D. John Venema has posted the very first video from FTX Global! The debut video previews Europe - future videos will preview other parts of the world such as North America, Africa, Asia, etc. The video is using only FTX Global textures, no other add-ons. See inside for link. What do you think of the video?

Expect more videos in the coming weeks. The pre-alpha version of FTX Global was used for this video.

See the official video preview thread to watch the video - click here


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hard to see any real detail there as the cutscenes are far too short to be of any practical use. Looks good from distance, but need to see more for final impression. Trees look way too large and out of scale.

DAndre Newman said...

heck yeah!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No other add-ons? What about clouds, water, mesh + video editing (colours, contrast, glare)? With these things + full graphic details, default FSX would not look much worse.

Anonymous said...

Don't be such a twat, JV lists all his addons used in his forum sig and also explained precisely how the video was made on his iPhone. Any developer who makes promo video using default FSX only is ignoring what 90% of simmers use. Look at the FSDT and FT promo videos made by JerdooX, using every addon known to man to make them look slick. Perhaps you just want to rubbish Orbx since that is a sport these days?

Anonymous said...


If EU looks this good with just their textures, imagine how it looks with decent mesh, UTx etc.

The must-buy addon of 2013, seriously!

Anonymous said...

There is another one on Orbx's YouTube channel low and slow over Paris and also at dusk.

Incredible autogen density for miles, and the FPS is silky smooth.

OMFG I must have this now!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is the other FTX Global video

Anonymous said...

Yep, shut up, go away, and do not return here until you can make something better, as a proud user I am truly sick of your whining and bellyaching about THE best scenery creators for FSX...ever, just look at the Alaskan region they released... stunning

Anonymous said...

An important note for all....they wont show you complex aircraft with their FTX Global project anywhere because all FTX Global scenery with complex airports and aircraft like the 737 NGX will crash due to OOM errors!

Notice how they use a mircolight, the least memory heavy airrcaft on both videos...can you say RETARD?

Todd said...

Yes, we can say retard. We now know the definition. This isn't even in pre-alpha yet and you are making unequivocal statements about OOM errors. Have you even read anything on what this is, and isn't? Brilliant Mr. Einstein.

Anonymous said...

Wow! this is realy impressive, I am now saving money to buy this incredible addon, when it's coming out.
This will be a must have!
The developers of ORBX are realy good, they have a realy good eye for reality.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was a stupid comment the guy made about OOM's. As it stands now its basically a texture replacement program that overwrites the default or GEX textures with the same size tiles. Wont cause OOM's unless your system can't handle the default or GEX textures your already using.

Andrew Entwistle said...

There are some very subjective and aggressive responses here. Needless to say, it certainly looks good, but I am a little disturbed by the total lack of clouds other than a cirrus layer. "All sliders maxxed" would imply AI traffic settings to be maxxed out as well, with max cloud draw distance and so on. I can guarantee that such "all sliders maxxed" over Paris in an NGX with some heavy OPUS generated weather and an airport addon or two like Aerosoft CDG and Orly in the mix will slow things down accordingly on my 4.8GHz i7 2700k and GTX670 with 2gb video ram. But that would also be the case with default or GEX on the ground too.
I think JV needs to show us what the performance is with 3rd party aircraft like the NGX or AXE that so many of us use regularly. How many of us regularly fly the Trike anywhere?
It looks great and looks better in these previews than any tile-based land class scenery currently on the market. I just wish that the previews would reflect a more realistic use of the product.


Anonymous said...

It seems that "NGX" users are only concerned about one thing....flying their NGX. If everything else takes a back seat, why not just fly default scenery? Then you won't have to worry about not being able to fly your NGX. Is it even possible to fly something less taxing on your system? Having said that, FTX Global is probably one of the few scenery addons that won't create much of a hit. Go read about it.

Anonymous said...

I think it is natural for NGX flyers to be concerned about FPS, OOMs and sliders etc, but I think maybe they don't understand what FTx Global is, which is an alternative to GEX which replaces the default FSX textures with new ones. If that is the case, there should be very little difference to performance versus default because they have complete control over what slider settings they use and what other addons are running.

To ask JV to use a complex aircraft to demo his product defeats the purpose of what he is trying to do: show off the textures. Who wants to see the NGX cockpit and glimpses of scenery outside? I think since I have followed Orbx he has always used the trike for his screenshots, and 9/10 if he claims good FPS he has never lied to his customers.

To be honest I think too Many Orbx preview shots show aircraft instead of their scenery. It's all about the scenery and textures from my perspective.

Finally comment about asking for a video of the NGX over Paris with 15 other addons running including Opus etc is just plain silly - you would get a slideshow even with default FSX.

Adinova Indra Permana said...

Wow,can you give me the direct link?thanks:)

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