Friday, March 29, 2013

Orbx N.California, S.Rockies, & More Alaska...

FSX/P3D. Inside several recent Orbx forum threads there has been some new information regarding upcoming and possible FTX regions. Firstly, Orbx is aiming to release FTX Northern California late 2013 - specifically October/November. Next, another FTX Alaska region has been confirmed following completion of Northern California. Lastly, some information regarding the possibility of FTX Southern Rockies. Fantastic stuff ahead! Take a look inside for the specific quotes and more information...

Northern California:

Firstly, John Venema's quote regarding the status of FTX Northern California. For me at least, this is probably the most anticipated release ever from Orbx. To see the applicable thread - click here (Orbx forum membership required)
"Holger, Neil, Chris, Tim and Alex are the project team for NCA which is already in a pre-alpha stage and will soon be assembled into a core build ready for landclass work. All the airport upgrades are already done and Chris is likely working on an AI pack for it as well (not 100% sure on that though).

We are aiming for a release by October-November but please don't hold us to that. Holger is taking a well earned break for Easter and beyond after which he will roll his sleeves up and project lead NCA.

With Holger & Co. in charge of this project expect nothing but a superb rendition of this incredible part of the USA, one of my favourite areas to explore!"


More FTX Alaska:

Next, John Venema's quote responding to a query regarding the possibility of completing another FTX Alaska region, presumably Northern Alaska. To see the applicable thread - click here (Orbx forum membership required)
"Yep, after Holger and team finish NCA they will decamp and head north to AK once more"

Southern Rockies:

Lastly, Neil Hill's quote regarding the possibility of FTX Southern Rockies. To see the applicable thread - click here (page 3, Orbx forum membership required)
"I just ran across this thread so I'll put my 2 cents worth in. SRM has been discussed by the NA team and even it's general outline provided and I for one would love to do it, after NCA and (possibly NEM which we have done some preliminary work on). Keep in mind however FTX Global will be released prior to our ever getting started on SRM so the area should be looking up before we get to it.

KDEN is NOT one we would do in great detail as it's way too large but most of the rest in that area will definitely be brought up to at least our present standards."


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