Monday, March 25, 2013

Even More MCA Designs NA Airstrips Vol.1!

FSX. Beta tester Clem Wu has posted even more screenshots from MCA Designs (aka Misha Cajic) upcoming North America Airstrips Vol.1 - this time of Riverview Ranch (8OR3). This project is looking fantastic! The package inlcudes 3 small Oregon airstrips including Hilltop (98TE), Riverview (8OR3), and Flournoy Valley (95OR). Take a look inside for more.

Full compatibility with Orbx FTX PNW is planned. Misha has further confirmed that all digital imagery will be fully licensed prior to release per several queries in my previous posting.


See more on the developers latest dedicated preview thread - click here


Anonymous said...

Wow, can't wait to get this and land there with my Duke turbine ;-)

DAndre Newman said...

Looks beautiful! Hope frames are good! I have to decide which aircraft I want to fly into here first... Hmmm..,

Misha Cajic said...

I appreciate you guys sharing the shots! Thank you.
DAndre you will find that frames are good, Clem here has got a Core 2 Duo at 2.26ghz and a GT230 1gb card, and even he is getting good fps at near to maxed settings, as shown in this gif-
You will find that fps are good throughout :)

Anonymous said...

The Duke Turbine needs 1,000 ft for take-off and 900 ft to land, perfect for:

Hilltop (98TE) - Runway Length 1040 ft

Riverview (8OR3) - Runway Length 1800 ft

Flournoy Valley (95OR) - Runway Length 2500 ft

These guys are doing a fantastic job! It reminds me of the amazing GeoRender Scenery series :-)

DAndre Newman said...

Can't wait Misha! It's going to be fun!

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