Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Black Box Airbus Xtreme V0.700 Released!

FSX/P3D. Black Box Simulation has released version 0.700 of Airbus Xtreme Prologue (A319/A320). The latest update includes a significant number of changes and enhancements to the aircraft package. See inside for the full change log.

Change log as posted on developers Facebook page:

ECAM PAGES -------------------------------------------

*Total rework of lower ecam rendering engine using realworld arinc 661 specifications for all graphical widgets and definition files.

This system allows a more consistant representation of real world aircraft and will allow us to seperate these displays onto networked pc's for home cockpit builders and advanced multi system users at a later stage. ( NOTE: all displays PFD,ND & upper ecam will be ported to this new engine in later release for vastly imporved rendering performance )

What does this new rendering engine mean to the end user ? *Primarily this allows correct resizing of windows & elements to match all users display configurations without distortion, as well as some significant reduction in the drawing overheads. *The above mentioned future support for LAN enabled environments*Shorter development cycles ... Yes thats correct .... As we can now seperate the code from the display layer and almost draw and edit the graphical elements in real time this greatly reduces our work load for adjustments of these pages and will simplify the addition of the later LCD display cockpit.*All Major Ecam pages have now been added with the exception of the status page (lots of background work has allready gone into that and will be included in a later update)

Hydraulic system -----------------------------------------

*Brand New custom coded hydraulic simulation no basic MS systems used here.*Correctly modelled airbus control actuators with seperate BGY Channels, Each Aircraft system connected to the correct hydraulic channel and has multiple redundancy. *Simulated Pressure drop/buildup and control surface droops.*Individual hydraulic, actuator & control logic modeling of each individual spoiler, Seperate Flap/Slats & Seperate Left & Right Elevator Surfaces.*Reduced Actuator performance & failures on low hydraulic pressure or system degredation.

Electrical systems ----------------------------------------

*Brand New custom coded electrical simulation no basic MS systems used here.*Accurate current draw and load propagation thoughout aircraft electrical system.*Many logic items based on real world airbus electrical schematic diagrams down to relay / contactor level.*Stallable Ram Air turbine for total loss of power.*Instruments, Radio & CDU's all using correct electrical buses for abnormal aircraft operations and failures*Implimentations of individual airbus computer systems SDAC's, FWC's, BSCU, LGCUI's, BMC's, FADEC,s etc etc with accurate signal path for pilot displays to allow very detailed failure simulation.*MUCH more to come in later release

Air Systems ------------------------------------------------

*Basic early implimentation of systems for bleed air, ventilation, air conditioning & presurisation, These will be expanded in later releases.

MCDU -------------------------------------------------------

*Several CTD's during data entry fixed.*Reimplimented direct keyboard input.with scroll lock and numlock on a flashing "k" appears on MCDU to indicate direct keyboard entry.F1 -> F6 = LSK 1 -> 6F7 -> F12 = RSK 1 -> 6

VC -----------------------------------------------------------

*retextured, some remodelling and additional detail *Clickspots reworked to meet customer deman

Nosewheel Steering ----------------------------------------

*Seperated from Rudder in both Control and operation, Tiller operates NWS only and Rudder pedals operate Both with ground speed transition between NWS and RUDDER Uses FSX Tailhook Key ( TOGGLE_TAIL_HOOK_HANDLE) to toggle between them so we recommend setting "T" or a Joystick button as Nosewheel / rudder toggle in FS controls*FS Window indication when toggling NW Steering Or Rudder control active

EXTERIOR MODEL ------------------------------------------

*Reworked Lighting system, Added light splashes on ground (strobe, beacon and Nav) *Added Outflow valve (animated via pressure system) *Reanimated correct rudder, Flight controls, Gear and nosewheel steering all using correct Hydraulic channels

Autopilot ------------------------------------------------------

*Retuned for much better overall performance, Pitch Roll, ILS Capture and hold vastly Improved and smoother overall response

Weight & Balance --------------------------------------------

*Corrected Payloads, Fuel tanks and station locations to give correct weight, balance and CoG (Approx 30% Mac) at any load within correct Load Envelope

END V0.700


See the developers Facebook page for more information - click here


Anonymous said...

You wait ages for a bus, and then along come 3 (AXE, FSL, BBS)... :)

Anonymous said...

AH yes.. but there is only one worth waiting for . BBS !!

Martin said...

'You sure?..

Anonymous said...

Question is how much longer are u willingly to wait for a A318, A319 and A321 from FSL???? The Market is drying up and may be harden by the time FSLabs drops into your local sim-port.

Anonymous said...

Expect FSL to top them all, only question is when. If most people have already gotten 1 or 2 (AXE,BBS) by then, doubt who will spend more for a 3rd product by FSL

Anonymous said...

What? I thought they were doing the whole A320-Family including the A318, A319, A320 and A321.

This is very said.

CAT3Dual said...

Haven't laughed that good for ages...

CAT3Dual said...

The same guys with 3 737s (Wilco, old PMDG, Ifly) in the hangar, still buying the last one (NGX). :D

If something is really good, it gets sold.

CAT3Dual said...

They ARE doing the whole family, but the inital release consists of A320 with CFM+IAE.

A319 + A321 follow later, A318 on costumer demand.


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