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The folk Captain's diner aside,

Aerosoft Copyright - We will try to post this shot and avoid a trial.. Well who knows....
[FS Market]. New tracks are leading us to the futur. New horizon. Some people have decided to split the profits between several FS platforms (FSX/ X-Plane/ Aerofly...). But  we will never blame Aerosoft for their efforts to draw this futur. The FS conference is now planned. The folk Captain's diner aside, conferences choices matter. Much more.
Good luck and good night.

Here is the official Conference planning / April 11th / at Paderborn airport in Germany.

10:00 a.m. - The next step of simulation: Fly online with VATSIM
VATSIM Germany
Talker: Elmar Schmied, Stefan Greger

Brief information:
The worldwide VATSIM network aims at simulating the different aspects of flying on your computer at home. Once the pilot is 'online' on his PC, he experiences a nearly unique environment with like-minded virtual pilotslooking for 'more'. But recreational air traffic controllers also get their money's worth and will be prepared thanks to our clever training programme. Pilots and air traffic controllers communicate directly with one another in the network. Combined with self-ade maps as well as training documentation we create a highly realistic flight simulation just like it takes place every day above our heads.
VATSIM Germany will be represented by Elmar Schmied, Head of Pilot Training Department and Stefan Greger, PR & Event Department, who will give an insight into virtual reality and are ready to respond to your questions.

11:00 a.m. -  For X-Plane simmers :

Can it get even more realistic? - X-Plane from a pilot's point of view
Talker: Frank Willfeld

12:00 Noon - Quo vadis flight simulation - Pensive thoughts on the future of our hobby
Talker: Bert Groner

Brief information:
Bert Groner, 52 years old, trained industrial clerk, Emergency Medical Technician with 25 years of professional experience,
Reserve officer in the Bundeswehr (served in Kosovo and Afghanistan), virtual pilot since 1991, in December 1994 founding member of the flight simulator club FSC e.V., - since May 2008 honorary chairman. In autumn of 2005 co-founder of FS MAGAZIN and editor-in-chief ever since.

These two conferences are really interesting : And Airdailyx would love to cover them :

13:00 p.m. - "Using GIS data to create FSX autogen"
Talker: Arno Gerretsen

Brief information:
"Detailed geographical data is becoming more easily accessible on the internet nowadays, for example through OpenStreetMaps. This presentation discusses how such data can be used to create more realistic autogen for FSX photo sceneries."
Arno Gerretsen is designing scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator since 1998 and he is one of the members of the team behind the Netherlands 2000 freeware scenery. Besides that he is one of the administrators of the FSDeveloper community for addon developers, he has also created multiple tools for scenery designers, for example ModelConverterX and CAT.

14:00 p.m. - Gaming in Flight Simulator X - Untapped potential in Mission Design?
Talker: Erik Senst

Brief information:
Erik Senst is, among other things, part of the media didactics SCM / E-Learning support team (in charge of authoring systems, smartboards and virtual synchronous environments) at Bielefeld University. As subject specialist at the university library his responsibilities include educational- and media studies. Besides, he developed numerous multimedia applications as well as the three-part mission series ‘Anti-Ice-Society’ by Aerosoft. His main goal when developing FSX missions is to integrate cinematic and gaming-typical elements. Thus the term ‘atmosphere’ has nothing to do with the weather for a change.


(We will spare you the tombola event at the end of the day).

More details :

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