Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reader's day ! Contest open

[Event]. Now it's up to you. Dom, D'Andre, Mark, we are on vacation. With just one computer to read the posts sent on This day is up to you. What's on your mind ? What do you like or not ? A review ? a fantasy ? A scoop ? A news ? An analysis, You just decide. Every post we will receive from now can be published on Airdailyx.
The 8  best posts will receive a free scenery*. End of the contest ?
Monday April 1st, 18 pm US Pacific Time.
Mondail April 1st, 22:00 midnight UTC.

Your article presentation must be in english but can include some parts in German, Spanish or French too if you are not familiar with english.

Explanations on our Reader's day and contest can be found here :

Participating advertisers :

Orbx (3 gifts), Fly Tampa (1 gift), Flightbeam (1 gift),
Airdailyx (3 gifts).


Anonymous said...

Which scenery ?

Unknown said...

Your choice of scenery from any of our advertisers! See original announcement for conditions.


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