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AirDailyX Reader Rant - Post Hijacking

Reader Rant. As always, here at AirDailyX, we try our very best to offer our readers a voice. We always encourage readers to submit articles, editorials, and even rants. Reader Mark Smith, author of the "Piracy" rant in early May has provided us with yet another rant, this time, addressing post hijacking. Maybe a wee bit in your face, but, we're all for free speech. See inside...

Well here we are again, another RANT, well after the last rant posted (wing flex), which was very enjoyable, I thought long and hard to see what hornets nest needed to be poked, and after reading what is going on here I decided to bring up HIJACKING, Not the awful 9/11 stuff, all have suffered enough. No the post HIJACK. A post starts off with good intentions about a specific product or tweak or whatever. After that, we get people starting a reply with either the most negative FEELINGS or talking about another product which does the same or similar thing. I see some posters saying that AirdailyX only plugs certain products yet all they (AirdailyX) are doing is giving you the info. After the first post begins to sidestep, It’s like dominos. The posts get filled with your issues (yes like everyone's computer and hardware setup are the same) and your personal choices and take away the COMPLETE point of the post in the first place. To inform us of a product or idea so we can take the next step ourselves if we want. The free flow of information is here, and yet we all can make our own decisions. Yes there are duplicate sceneries, aircraft, tips and tools, and so what? Do you want completion to go away? Do you want choices? Guess what, I do not care if you do not like the product. I do not care if if there are more that one product made. I do not care if you are waiting for a better product , keep it to yourself. The sole purpose of the BLOG was to give simmers up to date information. I seen it before in a few big simming Aviation forums riddled with poor information and completely rude posts. Now that I think of it, those same forums are starting to neuter posts due this useless nonsense. I Got a good feeling that all the inyour face attitude goes away in public and not signing your name to a post is like giving someone a cheque without signing it, which amounts to..... SQUAT. Who gives me the right to post here? AirdailyX does, because I am sure of two things , the well unbiased free flow of product information about simming and that I think everyone has a right to enjoy simming without taking away someone else's right. If you think your negative posts or Changing the post to highlight your opinion is helping, it's not. Sure would be funny if everything you do at work was posted online so it could ridiculed , mocked and everyone tell you that someone else is doing a better job or it's worth waiting to for a better person. Sounds stupid, no more stupid than the constant hijacking or negative posts of a product which brings someone else a paycheque.
Before you start making personal attacks on products and people, get to know the person(s) first, besides there are outlets for your product issues, in the developers forum.
It has been said in WAR, if both sides got to know each other, no one fire the first shot.
Well so much for that. I am still Mark Smith, real name, real person. Happy flight simming.


Anonymous said...

personally, wingflex... Suck if this is your only wish. where's the fixes to purchase birds. Yes _S777 is what I speak of this is my rant..

or do we condone unfinished here, and beat up the guy who lashes out after spending big money.?

Mark Smith said...

Issues with a product,use the Developers forum. You paid for the product. Nothing will get fixed here.
the Majority of posts here are NOT reviews. They just give a heads up about a feature or planned feature. Why use your post for your personal little war against a developer. It is not the point. I feel for you and everyone who has issues, I too have issues with products, but I use the developers forum to fix the issue. That is what the rant was about.

Anonymous said...

There's a time and place for certain discussions. In the days following the wing flex discussion, I've seen more than one out of place, sarcastic reference in topics where it doesn't belong, talking away from relevant discussion about the products or topic at hand.

It's disturbing that people would be that immature to get a jab in at the wrong place.

Anonymous said...

Yes well said, and if you wonder why some forums have simply 'had enough' and delete anything not relevant, OT or rude/negative then you have hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

seems prety simple, you bitches, you close your forums for no bad news, well here seems allowed Lets talk. Dev's hide for good or bad on facebook .... Rofl whats that gonna achive. True ownership is one apples all his skill. weather it be bad or good. Well doesn't that depend on some 1 else/. All is good, I think all Devs need a weekend just for for fun with the family.

As much as I'd like to see the new projects. I for 1 would like to know thier at least, happy in their own skins./life and doing ok, much like we see movie stars I'd like to meet the captainsim dude who say Hey, you biotch radar worki'n here!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any bad comments about PMDG. Why is that? I that company monitoring this blog or they simply product very good quality add-ons? Good quality = no bad comments, I believe it is that simple. I am personally glad that here endusers can say anything anonymously about any product. Receiving any good words here is better than Avsim review (at least for me as a dev).

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign a check, once ... my bank honored it nontheless.

Mark Smith said...

Still not getting the point. May I suggest you ask "that" company to start a fan club. Really, no one here is arguing any developers product is better (AirDailyX). And yet you still have to HIJACK this post, and probably many others. Then whoever you are, the RANT was exactly for you.

Anonymous said...

Mate... You're taking this way too serious

Anonymous said...

The solution here is quite simple: if you don't want people commenting on your post, don't open it for public comment.

I suspect the reason that many posts are open for public comment is that people feel more involved if they are allowed to participate. This includes posting dissenting responses and even irrelevant responses.

I seldom comment on commercial sites, or AVSIM for that matter, because the responses are heavily censored. If the moderators are only going to allow the comments that agree with their original post, then there is not much point in reading the comments, or the original post, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the big sites publish reviews which are very often extremely rose tinted because they need to secure advertising revenue from the people who make the stuff they are reviewing. Likewise the forums are heavily moderated for the same reasons and they are also very wary of litigation.

Consequently it's extremely hard to find an honest and accurate opinion of any given addon because the big sites' reviews will gloss over or ignore shortcomings, and will shut down any threads that openly criticise a developer or product.

The comments on ADX are actually a pretty good resource and it's quite easy to spot an intelligent opinion versus a stupid one.

I believe ADX's popularity and traffic are on the ascendant, so it will be interesting to see if ADX goes the same was as Avsim et al.

Maek Smith said...

My point does not have anything to do with censorship. You are free to comment on the product being posted. However, when someone posts a reply that does not have anything to do with the product or takes away for the original post is my point. A certain post about a T7 and it became
a huge crap on the developer session. Are you sure that is what the post was about? Did anything get fixed? Is the developer still in business?
As for anyone's rights in any forums, you follow their rules and give up some of your rights and majority does not rule. It is what it is.
I wonder what is going to happen here
when the website is finished? Is this place going to have a forum where you have to register? I guess we will wait and see Mr Anonymous(s).

T.J. Streak said...

The reason there are so many anonymous posts here is that this site makes it very difficult to do anything but an anonymous post.

Besides, most people use pseudonyms on forums, even where registration is required -- usually for good reason. Most people don't want employers or potential employers snooping through their every post.

Its sort of ironic that you hijacked your own thread on hijacking to rant about anonymous posts

Anonymous said...

It seems every hobby has at least one site like Avisim. Typically, these sites are entirely dependent upon third party content, and the owners of the sites typically make nothing themselves.

The sites also tend to be run by self important Richard heads who think their opinions are more important than those of their readers, just because they run a forum on the internet.

Typically, these sites make a lot of money for their owners from either advertising or membership fees. Yet, they have no fear of alienating many of their readers through heavy handed censorship.

Typically, these sites tend to scrub their forums of any posts which are critical of their site or of any of their adverstisers. If they really dislike a post, they will ban the poster. The truth of the post has nothing to do with their arbitrary decisions; in fact, a truthbul post is likely to result in a banning.

AVSIM is not unique in this. It seems that every hobby has its AVSIM.

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