Monday, May 27, 2013

MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 Screenshot Selection

FSX. As MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 moves westward through the United States we are starting to see some really picturesque shots from the series. Photoscenery has always been a niche product but I must say I am quite impressed with some recent captures posted by Dean over at the PC Aviator Australia forums. The FPS are pretty amazing as well... I think we may start covering the series with our First Look articles very soon. Anyways, see inside for more.

Some shots from MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 New Mexico:


See the applicable forum thread for more shots - click here

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Misha Cajic said...

Very nice. It's got great variation and colouring looking at the shots, will definately pick this one up soon!

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