Monday, May 27, 2013

Yet Another FS Global Real Weather Update

FS9/FSX/P3D. The FS Global Real Weather team has already released an update to their version 1.7 update. The latest build includes many fixes to the FS2004 version. Further, the update fixes a bug with the flight planner, adds a feature to the auto start function, and rewrites the activation system. Users are certainly getting their money's worth. More information inside.

The change log and update information as posted on the developers Facebook page:
V 1.7 Build 002 RELEASED!

Today we have released a major update for FSGRW. This new version includes:
.) Complete rewrite of the activation system.
.) Fixed a bug in the FS2004 engine that caused weather stations once set not to be rese...
t, even though they fall outside the weather set radius.
.) Fixed a bug in the FS2004 engine that caused some cloud layers to not appear in the simulator.
.) Fixed a bug in the FS2004 engine that caused some weather stations to be not set at all.
.) Some reworks in the FS2004 engine to prevent the 2D panel from flickering during weather updates.
.) Fixed a bug in the flight planner, that lead to wrong wind direction and speed calculations for certain waypoints.
.) The auto start feature has a new option "none" (versus FS version), which will download the weather but not initiate an automatic weather transfer.

IMPORTANT: All evaluation points used for the previously released version were resetted; everyone can now re-evaluate the current build to test the new features!

IMPORTANT FOR CUSTOMERS: All users will have to re-register their product with the serial key they got with their purchase. We are pretty sure, that this will be the last time this is necessary. However, we were forced to change our activation system due to some hacker attacks on our weather and activation servers. We apologize for the inconvenience caused!
See the developers Facebook page - click here

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