Friday, May 31, 2013

Staggerwing! This weekend!

FSX/P3D. My hangar is open and ready for my next toy! Here before you are the last and final previews of the Alabeo Staggerwing. Our ADX FirstLook will be coming shortly after release. I'm super excited about this one. No other FS source on the planet brings you more fresh news every day than ADX! Stay tuned!
BTW, I say release this weekend because usually that's the case....

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test said...


Unknown said...

This has been a wish of mine for a long time. The Staggewing is a gorgeous specimen of flying artwork. I only hope Alabeo fullfills my excitement for this product.

I am a long time customer of Carenado, and a (for the most part) a satisfied one. This will be my first Alabeo product and if it flies as good as she looks, it won't be the last.

Anonymous said...

I've got most of Alabeo's lineup and have yet to be disappointed with their work! I think you'll find they are on par with Carenado.

As for the Staggerwing, thus far this year it's my most anticipated GA-type aircraft and am standing by with my credit card!

Anonymous said...

You won't be disappointed. Alabeo and Carenado are a unified team now and aim to continue with very high quality add-ons they are even edging into the helicopter side of simming with the WIP of the Alabeo R66. You can find very good reviews of Carenado and Alabeo products in FSPilot Magazine and that to doesn't disappoint. Check their ad to your right. I've bought every issue and thoroughly enjoy it.

Pirx said...

I have their C188 which looks really good. It is a very well done airplane (although there is no manual to read!). But I still want more from Alabeo and Carenado, I would like their models to fly even better they look. In my opinion, feelings, first; the eyecandy later.

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