Thursday, May 30, 2013

Buenos Aires 2013 released!

FS9/FSX/P3D. TropicalSim has just released an all new version of Buenos Aires Ezeiza Saez International Airport for all 3 platforms. The updated feature list include the new terminal C, specular maps on glass terminals, semi-transparent glass on jetways, 103km² of photoscenery with full custom autogen, and much more! For owners of the older previous version, you can upgrade for a small fee. Stay tuned for our ADX FirstLook coming later on!

Highly detailed rendition of Ministro Pistarini Intl' Airport - Ezeiza, Buenos Aires SAEZ
· Includes the new terminal C
· Specular maps on glass terminals
· Semi-transparent glass on jetways
· Full night illumination
· 103km² of photoscenery with full custom autogen
· Photoscenery features full night illumination and seasonal variations
· Custom animated cars on highway for FS9 version
· Stock animated cars on highway and airport adjacent roads for FSX version
· Compatible with add-on AI traffic
· FS9 version compatible with default and add-on FS9 scenery
· FSX version compatible with default and add-on FSX scenery
· FSX version extra: 1000km² of vector scenery with roads, landclass, parks, etc...
· Usage of FS9 SDK for the FS9 version for best performance
· Usage of FSX SDK for the FSX version for best performance
· Among other changes from previous version includes: New more realistic night lighting, recent ground layout changes, new ground texturing
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Anonymous said...

And Lajes?

Anonymous said...

I am a previous customer and I find that 10 euro for a new terminal and a few additions which had to be in the first version is just a bit too much. I will skip this.

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