Friday, May 31, 2013

Tropical Sim Buenos Aires 2 : First Look

FS9/FSX/P3D. Buenos Aires SAEZ Version 2. For curious reasons, the first version was not available any more after its release, a few years ago. This version is upgrading many textures and includes the glass terminal 2 and new lights.

Tropical Sim Buenos Aires SAEZ V.2
Version tested : FSX
File size: 490 MB (FSX).
Installation : Very easy. But you need to register the scenery manually in FSX Library.
Manuel : Minimum ! 3 pages in english.
Framerate : 25/30 FPS at Gate (aboard PMDG NGX virtual cockpit).
(processor I7 / 3,4 Ghz / 6 MB / Geforce GTX 650 / Windows 7 64 Bits)
Special remark : Tropical Sim offers a discount (around 50 %) for previous owners of the first version.

No special remarks on the ground textures. The aprons textures and front buildings are usually made with effective textures. You can see at the first glance that this version really updates the airport on many points.  I would just say that these new green glass textures on the modern terminal are quite good unless you are nearing them...  I wonder if these textures are base on high resolution ? Not shure.
The scenery is also covering surroundings of the airport. Textures and houses are quite better than the FSX defaut sets. The two large hangars of Aerolinas Argentina are really well designed, including inside. But you will be a little bit disappointed by the lack of details and objects. And why not putting a few static aircrafts here and there ?
The worst part of the platform is the main access motorway and the parkings in front of the main terminals. Ground resolutions there, are simply... awful. And it's a pity. 90 % of the airport is quite good. Nothing to say on runways, aprons, jetways, night lights... but this parking... is not anymore acceptable in 2013, six years after FSX launch.

Anyway... Buenos Aires SAEZ has many interesting destinations. Long hauls to Americas and Europe. Connections to Santiago (Latin VFR scenery), Asuncion (Taxi2gate), Montevideo (Latin VFR), Rio de Janeiro (Tropical Sim, Blueprint Sim...), Sao Paulo airports, and some interesting airports in the North-West of South America (Cuzco, La Paz, Lima, Quito...).





Awful parking ! What the point to make a good airport and let this thing ?



All the hangars are nicely designed. A lot of textures with many wear effects.


Despite a few critics, Buenos Aires is a huge amount of work.











Hmm.. some traces of aircrafts shadows here.


An example here of very effective textures on this terminal.

here too.

Airdailyx  / May 31th / First Look


Anonymous said...

You guys really need to spell check your posts, it detracts from your work.

Mason Dominique said...

Appreciated ! English is not my native speaking. What are my mistakes ?

Anonymous said...

you should definitely overclock your i7 to 4,5 ghZ it can handle without a problem and you will get huuuuuuuuuge FPS boost, i did same with my i5. 3,5 its just..low

Anonymous said...

you know... I have to be a troll here in saying this, but five years ago this would have been an acceptable payware for me. But today, I need to see textures that bring me back for more. Unfortunately, this doesn't do it and for such a long way to fly you would want to have something to celebrate at the termination of your flight. Now, I appreciate the update and the work gone in place; and I aim not to compare..but I've gotten some pretty outstanding freeware scenery that tromps this unfortunately.
I'm still a proud supporter of Trop/Sim FS9 and now that with their commitment to all of us in the past years has been outstanding. I look forward when they turn a new leaf with the technology available to arise to spoils of FSX...just leave out the Oom textures:)

Nicolas Hu said...

I agree with the previous comment. This new version of SAEZ from Tropicalsim is quite disappointing for today's standards. To Tropicalsim's credit, they kept the price quite low ($24US).

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