Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Emerald Scenery Design Tetiaroa Atoll

FSX. Emerald Scenery Design has posted more development captures from their Tetiaroa Atoll project. Further, the developer states "Tetiaroa Atoll - Coming Soon!" in the picture description box. I like the concept of this scenery, just hoping the quality stands up. See some shots inside.
Emerald Scenery Design - Tetiaroa Atoll:
See the developers Facebook page - click here


Anonymous said...

Ìt's getting there looks wise. i am just wondering what the commercial value is of tyhis product long-term? I mean, how many times will you use this scenery after you bought it before you get tired of it?

Anonymous said...

It looks really nice, I wonder how it will fit in with the coming Aerosoft Tahiti V2?

Anonymous said...

Tetiaroa is part of AS Tahiti v1 and v2 will have the same coverage, so I see no need to integrate it.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

I really love scenery like this, island hopping etc..

Only comment I would make, and maybe the one that might make me pause on the buy button is the sharp contrast between the palm trees and the ground imagery, I suggest the devs darken the ground imagery (just the land bits) to match the palms a little more, this will really make it all 'snap' together

Also do some research on the kind of grasses and plants found on these strips, the default bushes used do not look quite right, for a payware product especially its those little things that can really make (or break) a product

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