Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MilViz F-100D renders. Nice!

FSX/P3D. Ah yes. It's MilViz back on deck with yet another heavy metal ass kicking bat out of... It's the F-100D and is without a doubt another cherry on a cake that makes MilViz the FS development company with the most projects currently in production. We are seeing quite a rift in the FS market where the little FS companies of yesterday are becoming the big companies of today. And as always, we are upfront to get the news. Our own interview with MilViz is nearing the press soon and we had many questions so stay tuned!
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Anonymous said...

Looking good. Waiting for their 737-200 but this one looks very nice even without textures so far.

Anonymous said...

Stunning, can't wait for this one. The Hun is one of my favorites, I hope it is as challenging to fly as the real one. Can't wait to get myself into a sabre dance.

I found their F-86 phenomenal visually, but the flight aspects are not quite as nice as their T-38.

Can't wait for their T-38 avionics upgrade as well, will make taming the Talon a little easier.

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