Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FTX Boston

FSX/P3D. Thanks to Iain Emms (beta tester, Orbx team), here is a preview of Boston (Massachussets) rendition in FTXG.


Anonymous said...

All these previews are all very nice, but it would be good if we can see some default vs ftx from different parts of the world so we can see what really changes, especially less known places that would be harder to get right. I admit to not being too sure what this will bring. Are any of the buildings on the screenshot from FTX? Or they are default?, Will FTX Global be just an alternative to FSScene's world landclass texture replacement but with autogen replacement too?

Anonymous said...

Thats just the stock scenery??

Anonymous said...

As I dabble in this scenery stuff now and again let me try to explain what each of the components are that make up FSX land scenery........

Landclass:> the file that tells FSX what texture to use

Autogen:> the little 3d tree and house objects placed everywhere on the ground imagery

Ground textures:> the actual ground imagery you see...fields...forests...suburbs...beaches, rockfaces, cliffs

Mesh: the stuff that makes the mountains more pointy, the valleys more deep etc.. (or at least more true to life)

Vector data: the file that tells FSX were to place the road, shoreline, lake, river

Custom scenery:> the unique buildings, bridges, dams, and other well known POI, mandmade or natural objects

So from reading the above and looking at what Joh n is saying we can deduce that FTXglobal is the Ground textures, and the autogen, with maybe some Landclass addons down the track as extra DLC

Anonymous said...

looks like default to me too. Just slighly better trees.

Anonymous said...

can someone get a screenshot of default FSX from the same angle for comparison? I wonder if they are adding any custom new buildings or if these are just default?

Anonymous said...

Everybody can look, as everybody has default FSX LOL, but those the default skyscraper buildings btw, because FTXglobal is a Ground texture/Autogen product

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just checked. They are just the default buildings :(

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