Friday, May 31, 2013

There will be a Bergen airport !

FSX. Adios Cloud9 Bergen [never updated by FSDT]. Hello Bergen Fiesland. This project, started by "Scannor" will be part of the "Airports of Norway" larger project. First shots are promising.
About Cloud9 Bergen, i am not saying this is out-of-date product. The airport developed six years ago was a very high quality work. There is a small flickering bug on taxiways but solutions can be find easily.


p3 said...

care meter = 0%
I want pmdg's 777.

Anonymous said...

This project have been available as a Beta with photoscenery for a long time, but the groundpoly was announced a few days ago.

Ellers ser flyplassen utrolig bra ut! :D

Anonymous said...

Great - sounds interesting

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