Thursday, November 28, 2013

First Carenado B1900D cockpit shots!

FSX/P3D. Ah finally! The business end of the B1900D.  Along with the Phenom, I am really excited for the 1900 and for personal reasons.  I have several attachments to the 1900D both real and virtual, and it goes with out saying the Carenado product will do the bird visual justice but...(!) Aside from the now standard Carenado cockpit gadgetry I spy an FMC on the pedestal.  On the top of my personal wish list: ISG integration! Either way, us regional turboprop lovers are making out like bandits lately!

Who else is eagerly awaiting to see what they do with that FMC?  I sure hope they bring it to like in some way and I can only hope it is on the same sort of level as ISG.  Or perhaps Carenado have something else up their sleeve?  Regardless, it looks like it will be a fine place to conduct some flights.

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Unknown said...

Quite impressive. Might be the first Carenado aircraft in a long time I'm considering to buy.

fridberg said...

I really hope they will make the FMC programmable, I don't care if it simple just that it's programmagle

Airspeed said...

I'm interested is the FMC is programmable too. I would hope they are heading that way since they are also building a light jet. Great looking plane.

Fighting for the 99% said...

Looks so much like the king air I'm not sure I'm gonna pick this one up. I know thats how they look in the real world but still.

Unknown said...

I think they will release the version when you why with GPS... and it will be not really complete version of 1900

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