Thursday, November 28, 2013

Devinci Design release Cagliari Elmas Airport!
FSX. Devinci Design and Development has released their latest product,  Cagliari Elmas Airport (IATA: CAG, ICAO: LIEE).  Italy has always been a favorite area of mine to fly and I think for a lot of flight simmers as well so this should be a popular release.  Cagliari airport is located on the Southern end of the island of Sardinia which makes it a great destination for short regional hops or longer international flights alike.  By my count LIEE is served by over 20 airlines currently connecting Cagliari Elmas not just to the Italian mainland but all of Europe!

The Devinci Design rendition of Cagliari Elmas features
  • Custom Ground Polygons
  • Custom Textures and scenery
  • Custom 3D Models
  • Autogen buildings, vegetation, and objects
  • Custom grass, fences, lights, etc
  • Very detailed ground markings with huge details
  • Various static aircrafts and people
  • Precise AFCAD with all airlines codes
  • Realistic night illumination
  • Land class and water class
  • Very detailed road signs
  • Runway, taxiway and apron tear marks, cracks, etc.
  • Hold-short lights, car parking’s, roads, etc.

Pick up your copy at


Unknown said...

Looks nice on the thumbs.. up close, not so much, I'm afraid. Seriously missing out on ambient occlusion.

Ian G said...

I just think there are going to be a lot of unhappy travelers returning to flat car batteries. Looks like they all left their lights on in the parking lot!

Ian G said...

Over the Airport PA 'would the owner of a... um... well, every car, please return to your vehicle, your lights are on'

Devinci said...

What Ambient occlusion are you talking about? All the buildings' texture have ambient occlusion rendered into them. Explain what you mean?

Jason said...

You guys are writing biased information, Ian G you need to be careful with your writing, I studied Journalism for 3 years in a row and almost 65% of the information posted on AirDailyX is biased. I re-call AirDailyX as FOX News bunch of crap information, bashing all the poor hard working Flight Simmers that improve the Flight Simulator industry. As for Ian G you come over and write small descriptions and bash all each individual projects made by developers. What type of childish games are you doing? Ian G go back to Journalism school they will teach you to stand up and write powerful writing.

Darren Wood said...

Jason you troll, go back and hang out with the Flintstones' school of journalism you attended 3 years in a row :-)

You can't even write proper English you complete tool, damn, did they give you an all inclusive journalism school deal with some added mathematics that allowed you to extrapolate the 65%?

Now go troll some powerful trolling elsewhere!

Ian G said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jo said...

Honestly, there is no need to fight over a scenery that's not worth it......this Cagliari project is way way poor in terms of quality....I strongly encourage readers not to buy it (from experience) if they are looking for a decent airport....warned ya ! cheers

Devinci said...

Why should people listen to someone who doesn't even identify himself/herself? People like you are just good for bashing other people's hard work. Show us what you can do first. In any case your remarks is not based on anything and people are smart enough to make their own choice. Regards,
Sagga Toure

Ian G said...

Decided to delete my original comment noting my sarcasm and simply point out that I'm not a journalist. I volunteer here.

Jason said...

Darren Wood you are just a parrot, stop playing childish games. I'm using my own views and options about the truth of the content. You absolutely don't have reasons or claims why your commenting. As in fact you don't even understand what the word "troll" means. If I was a trolling I would of wrote random sentences in the comment box. Including you write horrible, whats is up with the smiley face? You call that writing? LOL

Darren Wood said...

Ok Jason, I'm getting a clearer picture now.

The "I would of wrote" would have gotten you kicked out of the the Flintstones' school of journalism.

Looks like you got the 65% confused with your IQ value?

Sean said...

it amazes me how short sighted and spoiled people are. where do you think latinvfr, tropicalsim, taxi2gate, flytampa, etc started out? they got better and better with each new release...look at taxi2gate's KMCO...fabulous. same thing will go with people need grow up and/or maybe try your hand at modeling and release your own scenery if you don't think this release is worthy. *shaking head at the spoiled brats*

Ian G said...

Well I sincerely apologize if anyone found my joke offensive or bashing the scenery. I personally thought the scenery looked nice especially at the price point. I mockingly picked on the car lights as the only thing I spotted 'wrong' knowing full well that the cars in the default scenery libraries have lights on at night and are present in TONS of sceneries.

I thought my light hearted joke was rather obvious so if any one took it as a serious critique, it was not intended as such. I fully support developers. In fact my background is in developing for flight sim so I fully respect what they do.

My background, however, is not in journalism though reporting flight sim news is hardly serious journalism anyway. This is a hobby for us including writing about it. It's probably about time to just let this one go guys and take a breath.

Jo said...

Hey Buddy, if you don't like wat you read just don't read it. hopefully in 3-4 years you'll be a top notch designer but for now the quality is not there. just because I dt design sceneries doesn't mean I cant say wat I think, sorry if it hurts bud. Just work harder! if you can...

Devinci said...

It's not a question about me liking what I read or not. I'm telling you that your comment is not based on anything substantial. Just because you don't like something or someone doesn't give you the right to tell what others should do. People like you are why many developers struggle in this business. I don't understand what gives you the right to bash a scenery or developer when you don't even have our scenery. If you think your comment hurt me then you're completely wrong. It's the opposite as I'm even more encouraged to continue developing addons for community. Unlike you, I receive many encouraging comments, and constructive criticism which I'm all for. But when your comment doesn't show anything other wanting to hurt people then I'll not standby and watch. People like you are and have always been in this world. I said to myself that I was just going to ignore you but I won't.

Devinci said...

I personally have nothing against your comment. I just took it as a simple joke and moved on. I can clearly distinguish between those who support us (developers) and people who just want to negative all the time until it becomes absurdity.

Dave said...

Sorry man, but the product is overpriced and overall way below average....

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