Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Carenado King Air C90 for X Plane released!
XPL. Though is release is a few days old, I hate to leave our X Plane users out so in case you hadn't seen, Carenado has released their C90 for X Plane.  I can't help but notice that perhaps X Plane versions are maybe not as photogenic as their FSX cousins but the question begs to be asked: how do they fly and perform?  Personally I am on the brink of taking the plunge and trying the full version of X Plane as I am sure others are, releases like this from Carenado can only help X Plane's cause.
While P3D v2 is being lauded as the next big thing it would be unfair to completely write off X Plane and I am glad to see developers embracing the platform.

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