Thursday, November 28, 2013

IRIS - Aviator Series - Jabiru J160 open beta now available!

FSX/P3D. Happy Thanksgiving from Iris (wait, aren't they Australian?!) No matter- the open beta version of their Jabiru 160 is now available for your own home beta testing pleasure.  And if that weren't good enough Iris have it on initial sale for just $19.99 instead of its soon to be regular price tag of $24.99!  So for our American readers, if football isn't your thing why not cruise this around after turkey instead.!

Buy your copy here and enjoy!


Unknown said...

do you have to buy it to use the open beta? i don't see a link to download, just purchase

Dean said...

Yes, you buy it to participate in the open beta. You pay $19.99 and you get access to the beta copies, and when the full final package is released, you can upgrade yours at no additional charge. Plus, you get access to all the beta updates in between.

The idea of these is that it gives those who are very keen to try it and cannot wait for the final package early access to the product, with the understanding that the beta versions are not the final product.

It is the same thing they did with their Pilatus PC-21 release earlier this year.

Unknown said...

If you do a little reading you'll see that you get a beta copy when you purchase, then the final version when ready.

DAndre Newman said...

I am one of those people which is why I am buying it tomorrow.

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