Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Godzone Wellington in pre-beta!

FSX. We'll it seems as usual, Godzone is working very diligently under everyone's noses! Currently now in pre-beta is Wellington NZWN and the teasers are looking fantastic! A lot of really high quality products coming from this development company. If any of you are interested in discovering Middle Earth aka New Zealand, Godzone is the place to start. Just make sure you get FTX NZNI/SI for best results! And yes, the team is looking very closely at P3D V2 for future developments. Thanks to Sean Karges for the tipoff!

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Sid said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Welli DAndre! Really looking forward to this and some day North Island flights between Wellington and Auckland. Love Godzone's Nelson scenery too. Great that Rob's looking into P3D 2.0 for the times ahead.

Andrew said...

Loved their Wellington Scenery they had for FS9 as well... great crosswind landing practice for a B737 and so on...


mfahey said...

I really love Godzones work. I think I have purchased every thing they have ever published since way back and Robin has always been one of my favourite developers, he is a true artist. The guy is so talented but has struggled with health and the cost of development tools so please take a look at his work and support him with a sale (all is work is what I consider underpriced considering the quality) - you won't be disappointed. I'm not connected with Godzone in any way apart from being a very happy customer - I want to see the dude work on plenty more projects and its a tragedy that he struggles to pay for the tools of his trade.

Sid said...

I fully echo and support all your comments here Mark and hope others will discover and enjoy Godzone's fantastic sceneries!

Robin is indeed very talented and I too wish him all the best in advancing and honing his skills further and intend to continue to support him in doing so. I do hope he can get enough support to be able to get those tools so we can see even better sceneries more'll certainly allow us to see some pretty awesome P3d v2 sceneries too, that he'd like to also add compatibility to. I also carry no affiliation with Godzone and have only recently this summer discovered its existence and the Nelson scenery which I can especially recommend!

I second your motion Mark! I would also love to see people support Robin if you they able! Its really worth it!

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