Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oslo looking incredible!

FSX/P3D. Okay now that we have Orlando and with Oslo now on the home stretch, will there be any other mega airports to squeeze in before years end? If not, I am sure Oslo in itself will be quite plenty to keep us all busy! The work is spectacular, here is the latest update!
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Unknown said...

insane... fsdg are just amazing

DAndre Newman said...

Adi, yes they are! But this is joerlend not FSDG.

BruceL said...

All screenshots looks good until you actually pay money and see how unrealistic the scenery looks on one's computer (Orbx sceneries to be exact).

Unknown said...

Easy to confuse them all, thanks for correcting.

joe said...

I think it's probably just the fact you're simming on a terrible computer Bruce

Alex Magalhaes said...


Sid said...

Looks beautiful and so atmospheric.

One thing I'm very much looking forward to in this scenery is the showcasing of his new boarding and de-boarding passenger tech. Its something I've liked to have seen for some time. Well done on the innovation Joerlend, looking forward to Day1 of Mega-airport Oslo!

Sid said...

Easily done Adi, easily done mate :-)

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