Friday, November 22, 2013

Celestial Team ZSSH Huaian Lianshui Airport Released!

FSX. Apart from Hong Kong, I haven't done much flying in China primarily due to the lack of decent add-on airports. New scenery developers Celestial Team is out to change that and their first release looks very promising. A nice NGX or Airbus flight northwest of Shanghai, ZSSH is a smaller regional airport sporting some nice attention to detail. Notable features include custom animations, detailed terminal interior, and custom light effects. And it's very affordable, get it now at simMarket.


Sid said...

Feel much the same as you. China and India form such a huge part of Asia yet, at the present time, there are only a few reasonable to good quality airports in these regions (FT Hong Kong being the best of them). That fact, along with the reasonable price for this and the reasonable screenshot appearance (volumetric grass would have been nice but the modelling and night lighting decent enough), make this something worth looking into for myself. So thanks again for the heads up on such locations Captain! Much appreciated!


Alex Magalhaes said...

Purchased the product.
As a first work of this group Celestial found it very good.
Fair price for the product! ZSAM / zssh become routine!
Clear that the group has a lot to improve, but it was a beautiful start!

DAndre Newman said...

If they shoot us a copy, ill get an ADX FirstLook! Article up on it.

Eric zhou said...

I'll be pretty willing to see an ADX FirstLook, for the copy of our ZSSH, contact me at and I'll give you.

DAndre Newman said...

Hello Eric will do!

Iain said...

Apologies I selected "anonymous" for some reason in my earlier comment.

Bruce Yang said...

Hello, I am the associate director of Celestial Team. If you need to get a copy, you can always send a request to biz[at]! Thank you for your support!

DAndre Newman said...

Will do! I am a bit behind on things but i'll be in contact. D'

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