Friday, November 22, 2013

Aerosoft Seychelles Released!

FSX/P3D. Wow, that was quick. I just heard about this last week, and Shazaam! Here it is! FSDG has worked their magic on these scenic tropical islands located off the eastern African coast. A perfect match for the Aerosoft Twin Otter, the scenery includes Mahe International Airport (FSIA) Praslin Airport and 14 additional airfields to do your Twotting. Many other features are included, such as saved flights, a geocaching mission, and custom AI traffic. Get your scuba gear and head over to Aerosoft for some tropical paradise fun!


Sid said...

Wow! Been really busy with work for a couple of weeks and have come back to catch up on a hell of a lot of great and significant news. Very interesting and volatile times with such mixed feelings for our hobby, I'd imagine most people would agree deep down, yet very, very exciting too!

Thank you Captain Hoffen! Great news on the release you bring us this morning. This is certainly a no-brainer for me...though, as always, I keenly look forward to the ADX First Look, I will definitely be getting this today, along with my Twin Otter Complete update. I think its priced appropriately too.

Go FSDG! Well done indeed! Perfect destination choice again and great decisions on how this scenery is done in many ways. Not only is this going to make one fantastic destination or welcome stopover location for Trans-Indian Ocean tubeliner flights (NGX, AXE, 777 should all get in.) but, as you say, one of the world's most luxurious tropical paradise island chain holiday destinations is now also ready for all sorts serious of serious Twotting :-) I read somewhere there's even a US carrier representing anti-Somali piracy ops somewhere in these waters, for which these islands are at the heart of the that might even interest some military pilots perhaps. Love the flexibility of this package in providing one of those sceneries that carry a real longevity of use without dulling as well as help populate the globe in bringing all sorts of destinations nearer to each other.

Just wish Aerosoft would now go back and give the Maldives (I know its not FSDG) a little bit of a refurbish and update (much like FT did for St. Maarten) that would be something in bringing the Indian Ocean and its most luxurious destinations to life.

Anyway thanks so much for the news stop long-haul to Aerosoft Seychelles and then time for a lot of Twotting expeditions. I personally do very much like and appreciate that Aerosoft do choose to develop or publish so many locations all over the world, like Fly Tampa also does. So a big personal thank you to FSDG and Aerosoft in bringing such a beautiful place to life in the sim for us, whichever sim ;-)

Cheers again Captain,

mfahey said...

Everything Sid said +1

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