Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ADX FirstLook: T2G Orlando!

P3D. I will start this edition of ADX FirstLook by saying the following statement: I am very proud of Taxi2gate. The last time this team went to work on an American airport, it was St .Luis and whereas it was good, it was not on par with those we consider to be the legendary developers. You know who I mean. The FlyTampa's, FlightBeam's, FSDT's etc. So when Taxi2gate announced Orlando over a year ago, it was ADX reader comments stating they would prefer one of the above mentioned developers to create the product instead. Knowing what this team is capable of, I choose to stick by and defend them and they did not let me down. And clearly, they have not let down the community. When MMMX was released, people who never bothered to sniff on T2G were eyes wide open and when the first exclusive previews of MCO surfaced on Orlando here on ADX, people gave their full attention. Today, we get a look at just how well Taxi2Gate had delivered. It's Florida, so grab an orange and join me as we explore Orlando!

Not just the airport.

From Final approach, it's quickly evident the scenery is not confined to the airport grounds. There is about a half mile radius surrounding the airfield complete with custom autogen and trees. Whereas I do appreciate this effort, in the future, I would like the see the team improve upon the quality and detail of their autogen. 

The taxi bridges are a very nice feature in the scenery. Sorry I forgot to switch on my AI car traffic.
Great work with the water masking and grass! It's an odd feeling taxiing to the gate so close to water. But it looks really cool! Just stay on the centerline!

The gates are nicely littered with quality static and animated ramp objects. All very real looking.
With downtown Orlando so close, it would have been nice to see the city center upgraded with some custom buildings but I am sure US cities will get around to it soon enough.
Here we get the bigger picture! In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful airports in North America. It's amazing after Cloud9, another developer did not get to it sooner. But no worries. It looks perfect! And you have 4 other Floridian airports to fly to. LatinVFR Miami, FlyTampa Tampa, LatinVFR Key West, and FSDT Ft. Laurderdale! And if that's not enough for a short hop, ImagineSim Atlanta is close by too!
The building textures are sharp and the transparent tinted windows are the touch that really make these buildings! Other developers take note! FlightBeam Dulles comes to mind same as Oslo V2 by joerlend. This is the future to terminal modeling. 
Looks so good I can see through the interior which has objects inside to my AI out on the other end. This is cool! All it needs now is people flow!

You will not be disappointed with the ground textures! Very sharp, crisp, and dirty. But the roof textures could be sharper. 2 products that come to mind for you to reference proper roof textures would be Elstree by Orbx and Yekaterinburg by Aerosoft. The textures are not bad on the roofs but could be more detailed and sharper.

I think my favorite island here is the Southwest terminal. I really live the detail and realism. This terminal is also hollow with transparent windows and modeled interior.

Really like the glass on the steps here. The environmental immersion all over the entire airport is just perfect.

The detail here is really amazing.


As you can obviously see, this place looks great by day! The night light lighting even better with the terminals interiors nicely lit!

The small windows in the above shot reflect day textures at night though...

Complete custom runway lighting! Nicely done! And the fences are all there!

Final thoughts.

We'll these thoughts are anything but final. I really had to hold back so not as to conflict with any future review. So it's all short and sweet. I am really looking forward to many sorties here. Taxi2Gate is a development team I think everyone now takes seriously. 

Every time T2G releases a product, within 24hours it makes it's way to the top ten on Simmarket and they usually stay there for at least a couple weeks. Not only is the quality damn near right on par with FlyTampa, this team also produced and released several other quality sceneries during production. 

This is the Orlando we have been waiting so long to get. It delivers on all my expectations and much more.

This airport has it all, animated trams connecting the concourses to the main atrium, animated vehicles moving about the airport, transparent glass showing terminal interiors, proper water masking, I honestly could go on and on. Now that Taxi2Gate is among the very best of scenery developers, I hope they will not stop improving their skill and visual techniques.

As I have said before, I am very proud of Taxi2Gate, Cesar and the guys on the development team. You all deserve a pat on the back and well deserved rest. But don't rest for too long, now everyone is waiting for your next destination.

I have seen a couple comments that the airport is priced too high. Well on this side of the pond, the price is $32 dollars and eight cents. For the level of quality delivered and the obvious hard work that went into it, I find the price to be very competitive to other products of this scale and representation.

This wraps another ADX FirstLook within 24 hours after product release! I really hope it helped you with your decision!

Happy Flighting!

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Brad said...

Excellent work, just the AFCAD/AFX file for AI traffic needs reworking, its not great but other than that...TOP ESSENTIAL STUFF!

Green1X said...

That looks good! This with P3D V2 is going to be even more epic!

Now all we need is Burbank (Bob Hope airport). NGX heaven. :D

Flyer said...

Does the scenery exclude autogen?

Unknown said...

Just installed MCO. It is a very nice made airport its FPS friendly and it fits well into FTXG. T2G even added the jetBlue University. I got my rating for E190 there lately...

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