Saturday, November 23, 2013

FTX Global VECTOR's frozen water tech revealed!

FSX/P3D. Will the Orbx magic madness never end? I hope not. Here is a sneak peek at the hard winter frozen water tech for FTX Global VECTOR due in December. Just in time for some winter ski flying. By far the most frustrating part of winter VFR flying in FSX was the unfrozen lakes and rivers. This was fixed with SAK from Orbx but the rest of the world was left out. Not anymore. And yes, you can land wheels and skis on it, and yes, it will work in P3D. Now where did I leave my ice-cleats?


William Pierce said...

Frozen lakes are in PNW/PFJ too. It's a nice feature, but I don't get what is so revolutionary... UTX had an option for frozen lakes for the last few years.

Rustam Alhas said...

+1 Fully agree! UTX did that many years ago.

Sid said...

That is true about UTX and the Orbx northern regions guys and there's no arguing with that but to be fair this allows for the tech to apply to the whole Arctic circle which perhaps not all but some global flyers (like myself) will enjoy knowing the virtual planet is more realistic. And its also aimed at those who want the FTX Global series of products, irrespective of if they own the region packs or not. One thing I like that UTX has that FTX Global does not yet have is Points of interest and I'd be very keen to see POI addons to the FTX Global seires some day. But one step at a time. The main advantage that this series always has that it is truly Global, and not limited to any specific region or continent and that is something really fresh and welcome. Each to his own though, always and respectfully.

Dave said...

Orbx certainly have their fair share of bashers don't they?

From a scenery point of view, they are at least constantly pushing the envelope and updating their products on a regular basis. Not a fanboy by any means, but good on them and THANK YOU.

Sid said...

Absolutely correct Dave! I'm also looking forward to frozen waters wherever they occur in the real world.

Just another step on the constantly innovative and dynamic journey of the great vision that is FTX Global. I add my thanks alongside yours to Orbx. I wouldn't worry too much about bashers of products when the quality of products can ultimately prove themselves suitable/unsuitable to people's needs and expectations as they release and evolve (something not unnoticed in Orbx products...they just keep getting better).

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