Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New incoming ORBX freeware - EDBH Barth Stralsund!

FSX/P3D. Located near the Baltic Sea, Barth Stralsund will be a stand alone freeware offering from new ORBX developer Thomas Zipfel.  Set to feature all of the tricks and specialties we've grown accustomed to from ORBX you can expect seasonal changes, all the ORBX flows and plenty of vegetation.  It is also crafted to blend seamlessly with the upcoming ORBX Vector products so roads and other vectored terrain features will line up and mesh perfectly!
Stay tuned in the official development thread here:

And enjoy these shots here:


Andrew said...

Seem to be a lot of British-registered aircraft at that small north eastern German airfield :)

Must be a bunch of visiting aircraft passing through or something... obviously, I understand they are from the OrbX object libraries... perhaps they need a few D- registered or SPs (as Poland is really not that far away either...)


Ian G said...

This may be something ORBX addresses in a future library update. They are constantly updating their libraries and as they branch out into their free airport upgrades the need for local static aircraft will arise so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Sid said...

great to see Orbx finally bringing out FTX Global airports outside the US too. Very encouraging in a Global project. So I'm very grateful to them for this excellently placed airport that I can enjoy in Northern Europe/Scandanavia flights. Hope we also see some in other continents for the Global product line in time too. Thank you Orbx!

Thomas said...

Hi guys,

thanks for the comments.
In fact there are 3 aircraft with English ID on the Airfield and even one with American.

The Piper Cup with the floats fly with U.S. code, but ... this there are actually at that aerodrome, has at least as one made ​​at the time the original photo.

But I can calm down, there are also three aircraft with german ID.


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