Friday, April 26, 2013

Shanghai Pudong !!!

Pudong, as developed by former team Elite-Air, more than 2 years ago.
FS9/FSX. Imagine Simulations has posted an important communication. Airport contest is apparently over. And the winner is...

Imagine Sim official communique ( a few minutes ago / I.S. website) :

26 April 2013 ZSPD Shanghai Pudong

" The overwhelming winner in our small popularity contest has been ZSPD Shanghai. A count up of all the emails we had on the subject shows that nearly 90% of you wanted to see it. Assuming we can find enough data for the airport we'll get to work on the project just as soon as we are done with KCLT for FSX. Thanks to all of you.

who took the time to contact us. If you have any pictures of the airport you think might help us then please send them via If they prove helpful then you'll receive a free copy of the airport as a thank you on release day.".
More on Imagine Simulations and products ?

Airdailyx remark : 
The last version of Shanghai Pudong ZSPD has been released By Elite Studio, a chinese team, on January 1st 2011. This team claimed that they would improve the framerate of this airport later on, but never did it eventually. There is even no more news of Elite Air.
Pudong is one of the largest airport in the world today, with many connections.



DAndre Newman said...

All the best of luck to Cal! This one is going to be big!

ALX WNT said...

''Pudong is one of the largest airport in the world today, with many connections."

I really wanted to see that airport from Flaytampa, with city and their frame friendly development, it'd be a dream...

Oh well, maybe in future, good luck to ISim

Anonymous said...

Imagine sime really sucks in terms of realism...jeeez !

Anonymous said...

Excellent news from ImagineSim.

We needed an ZSPD.

Consider me a buyer already, as I was very pleased with all your international airports, and especially of this region (WSSS, VHHH and VIDP).

Anonymous said...

It's not the company I was hoping to see doing such a big and important airport like Pudong. Hope this time Imaginesim add the airport surroundings and make a bug free scenery for FSX.

Anonymous said...

some people are just complan...........rrrrrrrr i am postive imagime are are worth it they are good

Anonymous said...

I don't expect surroundings... Hopefully they use high res ground images and custom made airport specific vehicles. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this great airport. Finally somebody starting a major Chinese project!

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