Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aviasim stepping down from development

[FS Market]. Aviasim (Leicestershire aeroclub) announces that it is stepping down from development and will close its Facebook page in 48 hours. A lot of us regret a decision that will shrink the number of developers.  

Explanations and motives by the founder of Aviasim Designs.



Unknown said...

Sad news

Anonymous said...

no one has ever mentioned wages.... I wonder how the cut results are. aerosoft never divulged any also nor PMDG...

Anonymous said...

Only ONE less..... and I would argue it is self-inflicted.....


Anonymous said...

After reading the announcement on their Facebook page I can only come to the conclusion that Aviasim should never have got into payware in the first place.

Anonymous said...

That was the first thought I had when I read it's because of what was written here. Just putting the blame on someone other.

Lee Marrow said...

The reason is personal criticism not for criticising the developer . Its crazy you cannot please everybody in the especially in the flightsim community .

Even FSDT JFK has been hammered because people cant run on 4096 textures ... Simple dont buy it !!!!

Stop your bitching about every product released , if you dont like it go play Warcraft or something flightsim just is not for you .

Anonymous said...

Grow up and go to Walmart to the Big Boys & Girls undies bin. To complain about people complaining is childish and absurd.

A wee bit of advice as go you forward: You cannot control what other people do and/or say. You can only control what you do/say.

Develop because that's what you enjoy doing/find rewarding. Or don't. It's up to you. But to publicly cry that people aren't being nice to you--sounds like someone needs a time out.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe I don't want to wake up every morning to find people like you being childish sending out abuse on the way I done things and also getting personal.

Who's crying idiot cause it certainly is not me, I think it is you because I didn't do the airport you wanted me to do, hence why you and your group of haters constantly go on about it and didn't get the airport you wanted.

Go ask someone else to make your airport, cause it certainly is not going to be me when all you can do if things don't go your way is "cry" about it and have nothing to do about it apart from flame.

Or, if you are not a developer, go design an airport for yourself and good luck with it

Mason Dominique said...

Ok That's closing this topic. We will not publish any more comments on this.
We cherish the freedom of opinion. And we are reluctant to censor some posts. But this debate isn't fruitful any longer.

Topic Closed.
Dom Mason

Anonymous said...

LOL, bye.

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