Friday, April 26, 2013

AirDailyX First Look - The Airport Guys KEZM!

FSX/P3D. Here we are, our first look at Heart of Georgia Regional Airport (KEZM) by The Airport Guys. But first, a brief tangent - as you may have noticed, AirDailyX has recently started publishing these "first look" articles. The inherent purpose is to provide our readers with some initial impressions and screenshots of recently released products. Our hope is that these articles will help our readers choose what is and isn't worth their hard earned money. Now that my blurb is done, on to our first look at this enjoyable scenery.

Now let's get one thing straight from the get go, this is not an Orbx quality scenery...but of course, it isn't trying to be. This is however a very nice release from an up and coming developer. The Airport Guys continue to refine their design techniques and I strongly believe this developer has a very bright future!

My first impression of Heart of Georgia Regional Airport (KEZM) is quite positive. Performance is very good, no FPS issues whatsoever. The scenery does indeed create the feeling of actually being there. All airport buildings are modeled and the main terminal is particularly nice. Even important off airport buildings have been included. Night lighting is also surprisingly well done. Further, the airport blends very nicely into the surrounding area - when this is done poorly, I am immediately critical of a new scenery product.

But there are of course several items that could perhaps be improved or included. First, I am a big fan of volumetric grass - in my opinion, it just adds that extra hint of realism. Needless to say, grass hasn’t been incorporated into the scenery, possibly in a future update? Next, the tarmac, apron, and taxiway textures are just too clean - I would have preferred a more realistic worn look. Lastly, some of the building textures appear overly basic. For example, the Middle Georgia State College campus building feels like it could be more detailed. I get this feeling with several other hangers as well.

Please don’t get me wrong, even with these minor items the scenery is still very nice. To be honest, I didn’t think I would ever fly here again after my article, but I was wrong. I will return again, maybe even tonight.

So is it worth the very reasonable $15.00, I would say so.

Now, some screenshots:


Visit the developers dedicated product page - click here


Todd said...

I'll continue to support this developer's work because they do a quality job and they seem to focus on smaller airports which is good for regional airline and GA pilots alike. Very nicely done!

Unknown said...

I agree, these types of airports are a very nice change.

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