Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I love this airport !

[Appetizer]. Back from a trip in Manchester City, i have discovered this airport for the first time. I am impressed by the building design, especially in Terminal 3, that allowes you to catch all aircrafts very easily. Thanks to its large glass walls, you can perfectly enjoy landings and take-offs...and take all the pictures you want, from many angles.


A few days after the Majestic Dash Q400 has been released...  
I was lucky to watch some real Bombardier Dash-Q400 from FLYBE airline.



The Manchester airport fire service is planning a lot of trainings.
Right under the eyes of some scared passengers...  
One interesting thing i noticed, is that the left engine is started just a few minutes before reaching the final ramp to runway.
On this picture, the Dash Q400 is ready to taxi but the left helix is still off. It will remain off until the aircraft is approaching the access ramp before lining up... Once the Dash Q400 has landed, some process : the left engine shuts off first.
Airdailyx, April 2013



Anonymous said...

I'll be visiting London soon and I was wondering if the airport has got a good spotting location near it.

Cheers for the help.

Anonymous said...

That scenery looks so realistic - where can I buy it??? ;-)

Anonymous said...

UK2000 Manchester Xtreme is the scenery. Glad you enjoyed Manchester as it is my local airport. :) Next time head for the runway visitor park if you get chance, Concorde is housed there and you have a great view over the runways.

Anonymous said...

What I like is overcast in the real pics and how OPUSfsx weather engine (not shown here) depicits the layering accurately on my rig

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